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Childproofing Your Home And Garden

When my first child had an accident at home, I realised we hadn't childproofed the house as well as we could have. Thankfully, they were fine, but I learned my lesson and began a thorough inspection of my home and garden. I got to work addressing the various hazards we had overlooked, and I started this blog to help other parents think objectively about the hazards in their own homes. I post about a variety of topics, such as pool safety, choosing a safe garden fence, storing medication and cleaning products, window and door locks and kitchen safety for kids. I hope you find my blog useful and informative.


Childproofing Your Home And Garden

Winter Worthy | 4 Strategic Steps To Prolong Your Lawn Mower's Shelf Life In Winter

Ana Gonzales

Lawn mowers are vital companions during summers when you want your grass looking healthy and gorgeous. But at the end of the mowing season, many homeowners make the mistake of leaving lawn mowers unattended, causing irreversible damage to them. This guide equips you with strategic steps to prolong the shelf life of your lawn mower in winter.

Detach The Battery

If a battery powers your lawn mower, then it's probably a good idea to remove and store it away in a cool, dry area during winter season. Avoid storing the battery near fuel cans or heaters because any reaction can cause a fire. When you remove the battery from the lawn mower, wipe it with a clean cloth to remove any accumulated dirt and debris. Clean the battery terminals using soft-bristled brushes and store it away safely. Leaving the battery inside the lawn mower during winter months will cause it to corrode and damage the machine.

Clean The Lawn Mower Blades

Brush off leaves, mud and grass from the lawn mower blades and surrounding areas. Cleaning the blades will ensure that they remain sharp and corrosion free until the next time you need to use your machine. You will need to use a cloth to remove debris from the lawn mower blades, but make sure the lawn mower isn't plugged in anywhere and remove the spark plug for added protection. Leaving the lawn mower plugged in can cause it to accidentally turn on and chop off your fingers midway through the cleaning process.

Empty Fuel Tank

Lawn mowers with partially filled fuel tanks are bound to face damage during winter because fuel will get dirty and murky over time. This murky fuel running through your machine's components will cause them to corrode. To prevent this from happening, simply empty your fuel tank by tipping the lawn mower over to one side. Run the lawn mower for a few minutes to ensure that the fuel completely empties before storing it away.

Store The Lawn Mower In A Dry Area

Choose an area that is dry and devoid of moisture, because any condensation on the lawn mower will cause parts to corrode and rust. You'll also want to keep it away from harsh weather elements like wind, sun and rain, so find a safe location in a shed or garage. Avoid storing it near heaters and electrical appliances because this heat may affect the internal components of your machine.

Lawn mowers are excellent accompaniments to your gardens during summer. Follow these steps to prolong the shelf life of your lawn mower in winter.