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Your El Nino-Proof Garden Plan

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The Bureau of Meteorology has officially declared that Australia is in the midst of a new El Nino weather pattern. While this may be good news for drought-stricken parts of the USA who will receive higher than average rainfall, in Australia it means a long, hot, and dry summer ahead. Many areas may face strict water conditions, and gardens usually suffer because of this. However, there are several ways that you can help your garden to survive the drought. Use water saving crystals Water saving crystals are an ingenious way to maximise water usage in your garden. They are small, hard crystals of an anionic polyacrylamide polymer. The crystals absorb and hold a massive 500 times their weight in water, and can be dug through your garden beds, lawn, and pot plants. Using these crystals means that, when you water your garden, any excess water will be stored for later use instead of simply running off or being evaporated in the heat of the day. Your garden will need far less watering to stay green and healthy. Water saving crystals are available from most landscaping supply stores and online. Mulch your garden beds Mulching your garden beds is an excellent way to drought-proof your garden beds. Mulch works in the same way that insulation on your house works. It keeps the heat from the sun out and keeps the moisture in the soil in. There is a fairly large range of mulch available from landscaping supply stores. Pebbles or stones work just as effectively as organic mulches. However, the advantage to organic mulch is that it breaks down over time and will actually increase the long-term fertility of your soil. Divert your grey water In drought conditions, there is usually a strict hose-pipe ban. This means that unless you have bore water, your lawns and garden beds will become rapidly parched and may even die. Even homes that have water tanks may find themselves reluctant to use their precious tank water to water the garden as their supplies diminish due to lack of rain. The simple solution is to divert your grey water for use in the garden. Grey water is the dirty water from your washing machine and sinks. A plumber can divert the water so that, instead of going into the sewer, it is stored in a special tank. It’s best to use washing and laundry detergents that are designed for grey water use so that your garden isn’t affected by the chemicals in standard detergents. There is no question that El Nino and the resulting water restrictions will cause your garden to suffer. The degree of the suffering can certainly be minimised by getting in early and implementing the above ideas before the true heat of summer is upon you. If you need help with implementing these ideas or coming up with others, contact a local landscaping company like Great Southern Lawns &...

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Find Out What The Different Types Of Flower Packaging Mean

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When buying flowers, most people pay most of their attention to the different flower species, the arrangement and the decor aspect of their purchase. However, beyond that, you should also consider the packaging and presentation that your flowers have. This will not only determine how the overall flower arrangement looks, but packaging also plays a big role in flower placement and longevity. Read on to see how. Bouquet  The bouquet is the most popular flower packaging available. Though synonymous with weddings, bouquets are also popular with flower gifts, anniversaries and ‘get well’ flowers. The bouquet is the simplest packaging for flowers. The plastic covering is light and keeps the colour pigmentation of the flowers from getting on your clothes. However, flowers in a bouquet can get damaged easily and are therefore better for short term use. If you want flowers to last longer, you’ll have to put them in a watered container as soon as possible. Box You can also order your flowers in a box. The flowers have a bouquet wrapping but are also placed inside a box carton. Boxed packaging makes it possible to place your flowers on a flat surface, e.g. desk or table, for better presentation. This is especially vital for flower arrangements that are meant to be positioned vertically. Boxed flowers are suitable for all manner of events, from hospital gifts to event placement and home decor. Baskets You can have your flowers placed in a woven basket as well. Apart from adding character to your flower delivery, baskets serve as a better mode of packaging for bulky flowers. They can hold larger arrangements without risk of damage, even if dropped. The handles on the baskets also make it easy to carry the flowers where transportation is involved. Flower baskets are great for picnics, ‘get well’ presents, romantic gifting and corporate applications. Vase You can also order your flowers in a vase. There are different types of vases available. These include glass vases, glass bowls, ceramic bowls and earthen pots. All these vases have one thing in common: They enable you to place your flowers in water and keep them fresh for longer. A vase also enables you to keep your flowers upright for better display. However, vases are delicate and require better care to avoid accidents or flower damage. Next time you visit a florist to order flowers, take a minute to ensure you get the perfect packaging...

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Kitchen Renovation | 3 Ultra Smart Tips To Introduce Fabulous Cabinets to your Kitchen

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Kitchen Renovation | 3 Ultra Smart Tips To Introduce Fabulous Cabinets to your Kitchen

If you’re planning on installing new cabinets as part of your major kitchen renovation or simply to improve the aesthetic value of your kitchen, you’ll need to apply careful thought and consideration to choose the perfect pieces that resonate with the rest of your kitchen décor. Before purchasing new kitchen cabinets, you need to be aware of all your options to decide the style and material that easily integrates into the kitchen renovations you’re planning. Transform your kitchen from drab to fab with these kitchen cabinet ideas.  Integrate Seamlessly with Kitchen Design Whether you’re planning a major kitchen renovation or are simply remodelling parts of your kitchen, you have to consider the design of your kitchen before making your cabinet choice. For example, are you planning a restaurant-style kitchen with lots of stainless steel? Then you’ll need to consider large stainless steel cabinets that reflect your theme. If you want a rustic kitchen with lots of soft earthen colours, then wood is a good choice to echo your idea. Some of the popular woods used for kitchen cabinets include maple and oak. You can also choose laminate to replicate the finish of wood. Plan your kitchen renovation design with the cooking habits of your family in mind and integrate your cabinets seamlessly — without losing the personality of the overall design.  Be Smart with Storage and Size Perfect kitchen cabinets naturally fit seamlessly into your kitchen décor while providing you with ample storage to meet all your kitchen storing needs. This means you no longer have to worry about unsightly utensils and kitchenware cluttering the look of your kitchen. A good start would be to measure the existing free space in your kitchen for planning the size and storage of your kitchen. The right size and storage are smart ways to declutter your kitchen appeal. Choose the Right Cabinetry Function  You also have a vast choice when it comes to choosing your cabinetry functions. You can choose to build your kitchen cabinets from scratch or you can purchase the ready-to-assemble options available in the market. Some homeowners may also decide on stock cabinets, but these ready-made versions are only available in a limited number of sizes and may not meet your needs precisely. You may also choose custom cabinets that are made-to-order based on your specifications and designs. Custom cabinets are naturally the best option when it comes to seamlessly fitting into your kitchen space, because you get to decide the size, colour and style you desire. But with the flexibility comes the added expense, so make a decision based on your budget. Premium cabinets with good quality materials could set you back anywhere between $5,000 to $12,000 with additional labour costs. If you’re planning an extensive kitchen renovation or are simply making cosmetic changes, be sure to consider these vital factors for your cabinets. Consult with a contractor from a company like Kitchen Connection to determine exactly what can be done to improve the look and functionality of your...

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Why Opt for an Electric Roller Door for Your Home’s Garage?

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When it’s time to build a new garage or replace the garage door, you have several options available to you. Many homeowners opt for the standard garage door that is one piece and which folds out and then slides up a track to the ceiling of the garage. While this may be a popular choice, an electric roller door for your garage can offer many advantages for your home. Note a few of those here so you can determine if it’s the right choice for you: 1. Space savings The space savings of a roller door may be the most obvious advantage, but you may not have thought about how much space it can save, and where. If you want to add a shelf to your garage’s roof, a roller door won’t interfere with this area. This can open up the space you need for storing sporting goods and lawn care equipment. However, a roller door also saves you space in your driveway. It doesn’t need clearance to swing or fold out, so if you want to use your drive for parking a second car, you won’t need to worry about moving it every time you want to open the garage door. Note too that a rolling door can be installed so that it rolls sideways and not just up and down. If you have a very low garage for some reason, drive a tall truck or have installed over-sized tires on your vehicles and need all the overhead space possible, you can install roller doors that open to the side. This too gives you all the overhead space you need. 2. Durability and repairs It’s not unusual for a home’s garage door to need repairs simply because the weight of the door pulls on the tracks every time it’s opened and closed. A roller door has its weight dispersed as it folds up into its housing unit, so it typically needs fewer repairs over the years. Because it doesn’t operate with a heavy-duty spring that pulls the garage door up and lowers it as well, a roller door may also be safer to repair on your own if something should happen with the door. Trying to repair or replace a garage door spring is very dangerous and can be costly, but if the roller door should get trapped in the housing or a chain should break, you may be able to fix it on your own or will face a smaller repair bill than with a standard garage door. To learn more, contact a company like The Roller Door...

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Creating A Mini Orchard On Your Patio

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Do you love the idea of walking out to your garden and picking fresh apples for your daily juice, cherries for a pie or lemons for a batch of your favourite lemon curd? You may not have space for tall, sprawling fruit trees in your garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own mini orchard: Choose Your Fruit Trees Wisely Opt for dwarf fruit trees, which tend to reach a maximum height of 2-3 metres and won’t sprawl any wider than 1-2 metres. Dwarf trees have been cultivated to produce heavy crops of standard sized fruit and can easily be grown in containers. When space is an issue it’s best to opt for self-fertile fruit trees, which don’t need a pollinating partner to produce fruit. Your local garden supply shop will be able to tell you if your selected fruit trees are self-fertile. Fruit trees have a bit of a reputation of taking several years to start producing fruit, but dwarf varieties start producing earlier than full sized varieties. Choose trees that are at least 2 years old and most will start producing that growing season. Prepare Appropriate Containers Dwarf fruit trees thrive with plenty of sunshine, good quality fertiliser and well-drained soil, but they also need an appropriate contain to grow in. You’ll want to choose deep pots that allow room for growth, but they should also be wide to accommodate trees with a sprawling shallow root system such as lemon and orange trees, so opt for pots that hold at least 15 litres of soil and are as wide as they are deep. Fill you pots with a premixed potting soil specifically designed for fruit trees, which should be rich in phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium, or make your own with equal parts topsoil and compost. Once you’ve planted your trees you should place the pots on pot feet to prevent waterlogging and give them a suitable liquid plant food every couple of weeks during the growing season. Give These Hardy Varieties A Go Look out for these hardy dwarf fruit tree varieties when visiting your local garden supply store: Valencia Orange – This tree produces a heavy crop of sweet, seedless oranges that are delicious eaten straight from the tree or juiced. Lemonade Lemon – This tree produces lemons that are slightly sweet and lack the bitterness that’s typical with this citrus fruit, so they are delicious in fresh juices and squeezed over salad leaves. Fresno Peach – This tree fruits in December and produces large, juicy peaches with yellow flesh. Grimes Golden Apple – This tree flowers mid-season and produces sweet, crisp fruit with golden yellow skin. Now you see how easy it is to enjoy your own mini orchard, all that’s left is to decide how many trees to get and what to do with all the fruit they’re going to produce. To learn more, contact a company like Tenkate Landscape...

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Plumbing Upgrades: 3 Energy-Efficient Technologies in Water Heating

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The water heater is an essential system in the plumbing system since it provides general convenience when performing kitchen and bathroom tasks. Most systems have a prolonged lifespan but you will eventually need to replace the appliance. Common problems that indicate that your residential water heater include corrosion of the water tank, serious leaks and consistent malfunctions which occur when the system becomes old. You can choose to replace your heater with conventional models which are typically tanked systems which are powered by gas or electricity. However, there are more energy efficient alternatives in the market capable of reducing the long-term operational costs. Here are the main water heating technologies that you should consider incorporating in your home. Tankless Heaters These tankless appliances are also known as point-of-use heaters and as implied, the systems do not include a tank for hot water storage. The heating units are connected directly to the plumbing lines and they will provide hot water when required. They can be powered by electricity or gas depending on your personal preference and heating elements will have to be installed in areas where hot water is required. They are typically more expensive to purchase compared to the conventional alternatives. However, you will make significant savings over time because of the lower energy consumption. The water heater does not need to work in the background to maintain hot water in a tank when the system is not in use. Solar Water Heater The sun is a clean and highly economical source of solar energy for residential property. You should consider installing a solar heater to reduce the cumulative energy costs in the home and contribute to a greener planet since the resource is renewable. This appliance consists of a storage tank, connecting pipes and water flow controller. The heating elements are solar collectors which are installed on roofs or even an open area in the compound for maximum sun exposure. The solar heating appliance in most cases preheats the water before it flows into the conventional system. However, the solar heater can cater to all your heating needs when the weather is consistently sunny. Desuperheater System A desuperheater is an auxiliary heat exchanger which uses heated gases to heat water.  This device can be connected to your heat pump or air conditioning systems which emit highly heated gases after cooling your house. The waste heat is released to the desuperheater which uses the energy to heat water. This system can provide sufficient hot water during the consistently sunny months. Learn more about these or other options by contacting resources like D.R. King Plumbing Services Pty...

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The ABCs of Turning Your Home into the Ultimate Storage Hub

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Making the most of your property’s storage space is an absolute must for any homeowner. Aside from making a house appear neat, clean and tidy; intelligent and shrewd use of storage space in the home is actually able to boost resale value. After all, home buyers are always willing to pay a little extra for a house that looks and feels spacious. Listed here are four great ways to make the most of the storage space available in your home from A to D. Not only are these handy little tips easy to recall, following them can significantly improve the appearance and value of your home. Just remember A, B, C, D. A for Above It’s always a good idea to look upwards when assessing storage possibilities in your home. Aside from the more obvious spaces between the tops of wardrobes/tables and the roof, you can also make the most of storing items above head height by being a little inventive. One great way to do this is by installing a ceiling rack in the kitchen. Not only will this provide your home with a dashing, modern look, it’ll also get rid of the more awkwardly shaped items that refuse to be shoved away into drawers. Towel racks above the toilet are another great space saver, as are wall-fitted coat racks in the hallway, and medicine cabinets above the sink. To find some great sources of space, simply tilt your head back and look up.  B for Below Tucking objects away underneath furniture is a great storage method. It helps to keep the house feeling spacious, and there are all kinds of ways to enhance stocking items down towards the ground. It’s always tempting to boot things underneath the bed in order to get them out of sight, but by attaching some sliding drawers to the bottom of your bed, you can make the most of this unused space and keep your objects clean. Stuffing items below the bed ordinarily means that they’re forgotten about, and more often than not they gather huge amounts of dust, dirt and debris over time. With below-bed drawers, the space below your bed is utilized perfectly and it keeps objects clean and tidy whilst simultaneously hiding them out of sight. If you have any tables in the house with space underneath them, take a look to see if you can install a drawer below, and the same goes for any toe-kick spaces you might have in the kitchen which may even be underneath appliances. If there’s room there, it’s worth taking a look to see what you can shove underneath. C for Cubbies One of the best ways to maximize storage space is by taking a good long look around your home, and waiting patiently until that light bulb above your head flickers on with a bright idea. Getting creative is the best way to make the most of your storage space, and it’s important not to afraid to gamble on different ideas. Think outside the storage box, and analyse every single aspect of your home. One perfect example is to make the most of the walls as cubbies. Wall cubbie storage can come in many different forms, including built-in drawers, built-in book cases, and knee-wall dressers. Not only do these items look enticingly modern,...

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What To Know About Split System Air Condition Systems

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Aside from the regular air conditioning systems, with all the ducting, there are a few more modern ways to cool down a property. One of the popular methods among homeowners is the split system air conditioning unit. As a homeowner who would like to install some kind of air conditioning system, you may be wondering if a split system is suitable for you and what benefits it has.  Where It Is Effective Split system air conditioning systems are small and fairly discreet. One main unit is attached to the wall in a property and another is attached outside of the property. These work together to create warm and cool air. The split system can cool up to four rooms or areas at a time. This system is effective for: Offices and small businesses – four offices or rooms can be cooled at the same time Outside units – storage areas and similar outside buildings can cool areas with the split system Small residential family properties can also use this system Some Benefits The split system is ideal for people who have properties that cannot support ducting.  Some modern and fairly large buildings cannot be adapted to take the ducting, so the split system –which has no ducting at all – is the perfect alternative. The split system is also fairly easy to install. Just two main units need to be attached to the inside and outside of the building, and can be done quickly and easily. Even people with only a little DIY experience should be able to install the units of a split system air conditioning unit. Lastly, the efficiency of the unit is, generally speaking, better than the efficiency of a traditional air conditioning system. This is due to the ducting, as a decent amount of energy is lost here in traditional systems. With no ducting in the split system, efficiency can be increased. Drawbacks For most people, the one big drawback to the split system is the expense. To fully install an operational split system set up can cost more than the average family can afford. However, some canny homeowners like to look at split systems as an investment and make the purchase anyway. The money saved, in the long run thanks to increased efficiency, is worth the investment to them. Use this information to help you decide if a split system air conditioning unit would work for you if, for example, you are not able to use ducting and a traditional air conditioning system. For more information, contact a professional such as ACSIS Airconditioning...

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A Quick Consumer Guide to Buying Carpeting

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At first glance, carpeting may all look the same and you may not think there is much difference in the types of carpeting available for your home. In truth however, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to the material used for carpeting and the length and density of the fibers, all of which will affect how carpeting feels and its overall longevity. If you’re in the market for new carpeting for your home, note a few simple terms and factors about carpeting in general so you make the right choice. Fibers The fibers of carpeting can be made from wool or a synthetic material like nylon. Wool is very thick and durable and offers a natural resistance to stains, and is very warm. This is why 100% wool carpeting is usually more expensive than carpet made with any other fiber. Nylon is also very popular because it’s so durable, although it may not have the same comfortable texture as well. Polyester fibers are not as durable as nylon or wool but it’s very stain-resistant. Acrylic is also a popular option that is very durable and it also doesn’t fade as easily in sunlight, so it may be good for tropical areas. This material too is not as soft as wool, which is why it’s often more affordable. Carpet fibers can also be blends of any of these materials; you might choose a wool-nylon blend to save some money while still getting a comfortable carpet that stays warm. Pile This refers to how the fibers are woven and cut, and the carpet pile is what gives it its thickness and texture. Saxony is a very dense, thick pile that is very comfortable but which is prone to showing footprints and marks from the vacuum cleaner. Frieze pile is very short and dense and often used for high-traffic areas such as offices and commercial buildings. While it’s very durable, it may be not be an attractive or comfortable choice for a home. Textured pile is a good compromise; it’s not as thick as Saxony pile but is longer than frieze pile, making it more comfortable under your feet. Loop pile carpeting is more durable but suited for homes; this is a pile that is looped back into the carpeting, giving it a thicker feeling. Berber is a type of loop pile that is very dense and comfortable, and also very durable. Level loop is also thick and very durable, but not as plush and thick as Berber. It may be good for high traffic areas such as a hallway or family room.   For more information, contact Carpet Care Services Pty...

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The Different Type of Motor Homes You Can Choose from

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Are you interested in buying a motorhome, but are not sure which one will meet your requirements? Then you should take the time to learn more about the different types that are available. By doing so you can make an educated choice regarding the type of motorhome that you end up with. Here are the most common types of motorhomes that you will encounter: Micro Vans: a micro van has the advantage of not taking up much space on the road, and that means they are a relatively agile mode of transport, yet they still provide the basic facilities that can be found on motor homes. These basic facilities include a place to cook your food, sleeping facilities for two people and a unit on the roof for extra storage space. They have the appearance of a small van on the outside, so it is only when the inside is examined that you can see it is indeed a genuine motor home. A-class Motorhomes: an A-class motorhome can be identified by the fact that there is no separation from the front and back of the vehicle. This design means that the driver has full view of what is going on in the living quarters. This is advantages because it does not separate the driver from the rest of the group. Furthermore, A-class motorhomes are one of the more luxurious options on the market. They tend to have good quality features, and kitchen amenities you would expect to find at home. Coach Converted Motor Homes: these are also known as RV’s in America, and provide the most space of the motor home options. They are great if you have a large family, or simply want to enjoy a lot of space once you set up at the camping site. The downside of coach converted motor homes is that they are very bulky to drive, and therefore quite slow. They also consume a lot more fuel per km any other type of motor home. Motorhomes with Tent Extensions: there are motorhomes out there that can be increased in size once they are setup by collapsing a tent structure. This tent structure is relatively strong and therefore you can rely on it to withstand the tough effects of the weather—this is true in part because the tent structure will be attached to a vehicle that itself will be structurally sound. For more information, contact Horizon Motor...

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