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How to Create More Space in the Bedroom Without Having to Give up Your Stuff

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How to Create More Space in the Bedroom Without Having to Give up Your Stuff

If you are like most people, you’ve collected a few things over the years, and you now have to open up your closet door with caution. Clothes, bags, scarves, shoes and other ‘necessities’ can easily become an overwhelming part of your home that you just dread dealing with. And so, month after month, your ‘stuff’ pile gets bigger, becomes more disorganized, and can even start creeping into your bedroom, becoming harder to hide. Luckily, there is a simple solution. Built in wardrobes, shelves and other space saving items can help keep all of your things neat and organized and you won’t have to give up a thing. Even if your bedroom is small, there are simple ways you can install a built in wardrobe and learn to love your closet again. In the Closet The first step is removing all of your things from the closet. Install built in wardrobes (either one that you build or one you buy at a store), and make sure that the wardrobe includes space for your hanging items, your shoes, luggage, etc. If you have a walk-in closet, you could even make a small sitting area. Don’t forget the drawers to keep small items in. Around the Bed If you have a small closet that simply can’t handle all of your stuff, consider building drawers and shelving around your bed. These usually require that the bed be raised a bit, so you can put drawers underneath, but they can transform the look of your entire bedroom. If the room is small, go for lighter pieces, as dark colours can make a room seem smaller. Instead of a standard headboard, buy one that doubles as a book shelf. Sitting/Storage Area If you have the room, create your own little sitting area, complete with a built in wardrobe, shelves and drawers. You can keep a comfy chair with some space for books, papers or whatever you need to have by your side. The great thing about drawers and cupboards is that you can keep whatever you want without having to worry about things being messy. Built in wardrobes can be a real space saver and can help keep you organized and neat. There are no limitations as to what design and style to choose. Just make sure you measure out your space so you know how big you can go! Try different styles by planning on paper...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Home Renovation

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Home Renovation

Many homeowners perform home renovations in order to make the home more suitable for their current and future needs. However, some of them commit mistakes during the planning or execution of the renovation. Those mistakes later haunt the homeowner (for instance, he or she discovers that the investment can’t be recouped when the home is sold). This article discusses some of the home renovation mistakes that you should avoid. Not Factoring In the Neigbourhood Many home renovation projects have a dual purpose of addressing an immediate need of the homeowner (such as providing extra storage space) and improving the resale value of the property. However, some homeowners overlook the importance of considering the average value of homes in their area when setting their expectations of how the value of the home will be increased. This can be a mistake because buyers usually do some research about the average value of homes in a given area before making an offer. Thus, it may be unwise to exceed the average home value of your area when you renovate. For instance, try to avoid exceeding the average home size in your area by a very wide margin (more than 1000 square feet, for example). Such a huge difference will make it harder for you to realise a commensurate increase in the value of your home. Expecting Gains From Out-of-Sight Improvements Many homebuyers are influenced by what they can see (such as the appearance of the driveway) when deciding whether they like a home or not. You should therefore be realistic and avoid expecting prospective buyers to appreciate home improvements that they cannot see (such as improved insulation). Only perform such improvements if they were below the minimum acceptable standard in your area. Do not expect the value of your home to go up just because you conducted such hidden renovations. Being Too Personal Don’t be too immersed in your personal wishes as you conduct home renovations. This tip is particularly helpful if you do not plan to stay in that home for very many years before you sell it. For instance, you may like purple and you want to paint the interior walls that colour. Few prospective buyers will have the same unique taste as yours so you should go for neutral colours that will not make a prospective buyer think that he or she will have to incur a cost to repaint the house to a more appealing colour. As you can see from the discussion above, you need to approach a home renovation project with realistic expectations. Consult a home renovation professional for help, such as Edward Homes, in case you would like to determine which improvements would serve the two needs of increasing the home value and meeting your immediate needs. Find a balance between those two...

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Questions Most Homebuyers Ask about Having a New Home Built

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Questions Most Homebuyers Ask about Having a New Home Built

Having a new home built just for you may seem like a luxury, but in truth, this option for home buyers is more affordable than you might imagine. There may also be many benefits to having your own home built that you haven’t realized, and these may make it a better option in the long run versus buying a home already on the market. Note a few questions that most homebuyers ask about having a new home built and discuss these with a builder so you can determine if it’s the right choice for you. 1. How can it be cheaper to have a new home built? The price of having a new home built may seem steeper than existing homes on the market, but remember that your home costs you more than the purchase or building price. There are the repair costs, costs of upgrades, utility costs, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and other such costs to remember. If a newer home is built in a certain neighborhood with lower property taxes or is built with energy-efficient appliances, double-glazed windows, and other such features, it may actually be cheaper to own even if it’s more expensive to build. 2. Why would a homebuilder say it’s more expensive to upgrade an older home for the features I want? It’s easy to dismiss this type of information as just being a sales pitch for a new home builder’s product, but note that an older home may have older wiring that cannot support your larger appliances and electronic devices that demand more power. An older home may also have older cables that cannot deliver sufficient broadband signals to keep your Wi-Fi connected in all areas. An older home may also not be plumbed to support a spa or whirlpool tub. Installing the features you want in an older home such as a theater-size TV screen, home office, multi-head shower and so on may mean expensive upgrades to the wiring, plumbing, and the like. Keep these factors in mind when deciding whether to buy or build. 3. Can a person get everything they want with a new home built for them? There are builders who offer custom homes built just for you in particular and those who build a certain number of model homes. While a custom builder will try to incorporate every feature and aspect you want into your new home, remember that they’re limited by local codes and need to ensure that the home is structurally sound as well. Discuss all the features you want with a custom builder but be prepared to work with him or her to adjust your plans...

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Carpet Cleaning | 3 Clever Tactics To Introduce Child-Friendly Carpets To Your Home

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Carpet Cleaning | 3 Clever Tactics To Introduce Child-Friendly Carpets To Your Home

While carpets provide a comfortable and soft surface for kids to play on, carpet cleaning is a never-ending chore. You’ll naturally want to choose carpets wisely when you have kids at home to avoid repeating this mundane chore more often than necessary.  When you have kids at home, certain factors will take priority over others in your carpet choices, especially if you’re looking for low maintenance solutions. Here are some clever tactics to introduce child-friendly carpets to your home. Choose Darker Colours While it’s natural for darker coloured carpets to make the room feel smaller, they are unparalleled in their ability to hide stains, blemishes and spills. This is perhaps your topmost priority because unsightly carpet stains can bring down the look of your entire room and any amount of carpet cleaning will not make it much better.  Darker coloured carpets conceal these stains easily, giving your kids the freedom to play without ruining your precious flooring. This will make your carpet cleaning task far easier. Incorporate Allergy-Free Materials Allergens like pollen, dust and other organisms from the air will inevitably find their way into your home and will gravitate towards your carpeted flooring. These allergens get trapped in your carpet fibres and will eventually cause or aggravate allergies in your children. You’ll ideally want to choose synthetic materials like nylon and polyester to prevent allergies in children. These carpets are made from nonorganic and inhospitable fibres that repel allergens. This makes it difficult for mould to grow, while pollen simply dries out on the carpet surface. You’ll also want to avoid materials with too much shag. Let the materials have shorter strands because this reduces the possibility of pollen and other allergens sitting on them. Apart from being allergy-free, these synthetic materials are easy to steam and vacuum, making your carpet cleaning task fairly easy. Choose Carpet With Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content According to the Carpet Institute of Australia, Australians spend nearly 90 percent of their time indoors. This makes indoor air quality a vital health factor, especially when you have children.  Keep in mind that many carpets contain special chemicals and VOCs. These chemicals will convert into gas and will enter the room to affect your indoor air quality. This can be especially harmful for everyone breathing this air because they cause preventable ailments in both adults and children. When choosing child-friendly carpets, you’ll want to ensure that they have low VOC content. Make sure you consider this factor when choosing carpets for your kids. Apart from low VOC content, you can promote good indoor air quality by undertaking regular carpet cleaning and opening up the room for ventilation. Carpet cleaning is a key factor when you have kids at home. Apart from carpet cleaning, make sure you also use these clever tactics to make your carpets...

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Reasons to Use Pressure Treated Timber

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Reasons to Use Pressure Treated Timber

Whether you’re into DIY timber projects or you’re a professional craftsman who works with timber, selecting quality timber is the key to making something for yourself that will last. If you are looking for timber that can offer you more longevity, you may want to consider buying pressure treated timber. This type of timber is filled with a special chemical, and is especially ideal for timber projects and timber buildings that are primarily going to be outdoors. Here are some reasons why this type of timber may give you the best value in your work. Durability Pressure treated timber is made through a special process in which the timber is put inside a sealed chamber to force any air out of the wood. Once all the air is expelled, the timber is injected with chemicals that help preserve the wood for a much longer time than standard timber. These chemicals also act as a deterrent to termites and other insects that can damage timber. Pressure treated timber is also resistant to moisture, fading, yellowing, chipping, weather-related decay, and rotting. When you use pressure treated timber, you are using a product that is designed for greater longevity than non-treated timber. Better Long-term Investment  Pressure treated timber is more expensive than standard timber, but it is a wise long-term investment, because whatever you build with this type of timber will last much longer than if you used standard timber. That means that in the long run, you will save money using pressure treated timber, because you won’t have to rebuild or replace it as often as structures made out of non-treated timber. If you’re in the construction business, erecting sound and durable buildings is the most important aspect of developing a good professional reputation, and using pressure treated timber can be a value-add for your business. Easier Upkeep Pressure treated timber is easier to maintain than standard timber, because it is far less susceptible to the external factors that affect timber, such as termites, rotting, fungus, and swelling due to moisture. Pressure treated timber is also water resistant, so fluctuations in weather won’t have the same effects as with non-treated timber. This means that you won’t have to stain and paint pressure treated timber as frequently as you would standard timber, and you won’t have to use sealant at all, because the chemicals used with pressure treated timber already provide protection against...

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Considerations When Contemplating Embarking On Kitchen Renovations

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Typically, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. As such, this should be one of the rooms in your home that gives you the most pleasure, as chances are you will be spending quite a significant amount of time in it. However, it is not uncommon to move into a home and find that the kitchen does not exactly fit your preferences. As such, kitchen renovations may be the only option you have to ensure that it is up to par. Before engaging in kitchen renovations, here are some of the considerations that you should keep in mind. Ensure you have a convenient kitchen triangle The kitchen triangle refers to the layout of the sink, fridge and cooking area. Since these are the items that you will be making the most use of in the kitchen, they need to be conveniently located to ensure you have easy access to them no matter what part of the kitchen you are in. Easy proximity to the three areas ensures maximum efficiency while ensuring that nothing is in your way while you are cooking. If you have enough room and find that your kitchen triangle is askew, you could opt to have the sink located at the centre of your kitchen as an island, thus making it easier to access. Establish what your kitchen renovations will entail You can go about kitchen renovations in three main ways. The first would be to create more space in your kitchen and this would require demolition and construction work. The second option would be to opt to update your kitchen appliances for maximum efficiency while also reducing your energy costs. Lastly, you could choose to engage in both these types of renovations simultaneously, which will typically be the most expensive alternative. It is best to establish what is pertinent to your kitchen so as to ensure that your budget is cost effective. For instance, if you can work within a small space but are in dire need of updated appliances, there is not point of engaging in extensive renovations to increase your square footage. Determine if you require extra storage space No matter how big or small your kitchen is, homeowners will typically complain about lack of sufficient storage space. However, do not rush to increase cabinetry when you can trim the fat beforehand. The first thing you should do is establish what appliances you do not consistently use and keep taking up space. Secondly, if you have dead space on walls opt to maximize them for storage rather than decreasing your floor space with additional...

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Protect Your Deck Or Patio With Outdoor Blinds Or Shutters

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Protect Your Deck Or Patio With Outdoor Blinds Or Shutters

Australians love spending their leisure time outdoors, and this is reflected in the popularity of decks and patios that are used as outdoor rooms. Unfortunately, sometimes the extremes of weather may make your deck or patio a less than hospitable place to be. For this reason, you may be considering installing a product that will provide you protection from the weather while you’re enjoying your outdoor space. Here are two of the most popular choices for this purpose. Outdoor blinds Outdoor blinds are a popular option for protecting your deck or patio. This is because they’re highly effective and very easy to install. Outdoor blinds work in much the same way as indoor blinds and can be lowered or retracted as they are needed. Because of their slimline fitting, they are unobtrusive and won’t detract from the lines of the architecture of your home. Outdoor blinds also come in a variety of shades, so you’re sure to find one that will complement your home. Most outdoor blinds provide protection from the heat of the sun and its damaging UV rays. They also provide protection from annoying insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, which can plague outdoor areas, especially during summer. More basic models of outdoor blinds are hand operated and can be lowered and retracted using cords located on the sides. For a more functional and high-tech option, there are outdoor blinds that are run on electricity, which can be operated by the touch of a finger via remote control. Outdoor shutters Outdoor shutters are another stylish and popular way to shelter your outdoor living space. Shutters allow you to completely control the level of protection by having them fully closed, fully retracted, or using the louvers to allow a certain amount of light and airflow through. Shutters are an excellent option for decks and patios in parts of the country that suffer from cold winters. They are very good at blocking out chilly winds and offer excellent insulation if the louvers are made with an insulated core. This insulation also works in hot climates by reflecting the heat of the sun through the summer months. Shutters come in a large range of colours and can also be painted to exactly match the colour of your home. This gives them a streamlined look, which will make them look as though they were a part of the original design of the house. Adding blinds or shutters to your deck or patio means that you’ll be free to use the space no matter what the elements may throw at you. They will turn your outdoor area into a truly functional outdoor living...

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Gutter Cleaning | 3 Instructive Tips To Determine Your Gutter Cleaning Frequency

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While gutters are essential for directing rainwater away from the roofs of your home, dry leaves and other debris can accumulate and clog them over time. When gutters are clogged, they will not be able to direct rainwater away, causing pools of water to accrue on your roof. This may cause unwarranted roof leaks over time, so you’ll want to undertake gutter cleaning every once in awhile to prevent this from happening. Here are some tips to determine how often you need to clean your roof gutters. Gutters Subject To High Levels of Surrounding Foliage Require More Frequent Cleaning You probably love the idea of a beautiful, lush, green landscape around your home, but it also comes with a few extra household chores. If you have plenty of green trees and bushes around your home, then you will need to undertake gutter cleaning more often. Gutters tend to become clogged because of leaves and other debris accumulated on them. With more trees and greenery around your home, the chance of leaves accruing in your gutters is higher. Small animals like birds and squirrels may also choose to nest on these accumulated leaves and will cause more congestion around your gutter. You may need to undertake gutter cleaning a few times a year.  Your Timing Will Determine Your Cleaning Frequency Like most household maintenance jobs, timing is everything for the best results. Cleaning at certain times will make your job easier and will reduce your gutter cleaning frequency. For example, fall occurs when trees shed their leaves to prepare for the onslaught of winter. Gutter cleaning at the end of fall ensures that you tackle as many leaves as possible in a single attempt. If you clean your gutters before fall begins, you may end up having to clean them once again at the end of fall anyway –– causing you to clean your gutters more frequently than you desire. Install Gutter Guards To Reduce Your Cleaning Frequency Gutter guards are designed for minimising leaf litter and debris accumulation in your roof gutters. If you want to reduce your gutter cleaning frequency, you should consider installing them. With gutter guards, you may only need to clean your gutters every few years because of the added protection from leaves, insects and other debris. Keep in mind that these guards don’t make your gutters invincible, so you will still need to inspect your roofs to check for gutter cleaning every once in awhile. Use these instructive tips to determine the frequency of your home’s gutter cleaning needs. You can also contact professionals, like those at Oz Wide Gutter Cleaning, for more tips or to be put on a regular maintenance...

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Are You Getting New Window Blinds? Here’s What to Do with the Old Ones

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When you make the decision to install new window blinds in your home, there’s something that you need to consider. What about the old blinds? Blinds are generally extremely durable, so this might be the first time you’ve ever had to dispose of old blinds. Simply throwing them away with your rubbish can be a waste, since many types of blinds are made from materials that can be reused or recycled. Allowing these old blinds to be reused or made into something else is great for the environment, but how do you go about doing this? Aluminum Blinds These blinds are exceptionally easy to recycle. You just need to remove the ropes and pulleys (as these sections cannot be recycled along with the aluminium). Your local council recycling centre will accept the blinds, and they will then be completely recycled. The headrail is also aluminium and can be recycled along with the blinds. If you have a large amount of metal that can be recycled, you may wish to take it to a scrap metal dealer and get some money for it. Attempting to sell the old blinds to a scrap metal dealer will not usually yield much cash (unless you have a lot of them). Dealers buy by weight, and the blinds are too lightweight to really be worth much on their own. Bamboo Blinds Bamboo blinds (also known as woven wooden blinds) cannot be recycled due to the fibrous texture of the material. They can be taken to a charity shop and donated, but of course they will only be of use to someone who has windows the same size as yours. Bamboo blinds are generally made from untreated material, which means they are biodegradable. You can cut them into small pieces and dispose of them with your rubbish or even add them to your garden compost. Fake Wooden Blinds Fake wooden blinds are generally made of a composite material (wood pulp held together with glue or a plastic resin) and cannot be recycled. These should be donated to a charity shop. Wooden Blinds Wooden blinds can only be recycled if they are untreated. Wooden blinds that have been painted or have had a heavy coat of lacquer applied are generally unsuitable for recycling. Your local council recycling centre will be able to tell you if they are able to be recycled. If this is not the case, the most appropriate method of disposal is to simply throw them away. Your windows will soon be adorned with beautiful new blinds, and there’s no reason that your old blinds can’t be of good use. Whether they end up in someone else’s home or being made into something else, it’s best to consider your options before you throw them...

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Why You Should Integrate a Deck into Your New Home

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Maybe you’ve just finished building a new house. Or perhaps, you’ve just spent thousands of dollars purchasing a pre-existing home. Now that you already own your home, the next thing on your mind is probably what you can add to it. Building a deck has numerous far-reaching benefits for today’s homeowners! Although it may look like yet another reason to dip into your pocket even more, adding a deck to your new home is a worthy investment decision as the following advantages will indicate. Create more functional space in the outdoor area A deck structure creates extra livable space in your home’s exteriors for you to enjoy with your family and guests. With easy access to the interior parts of your home, it provides invaluable room for casual living ranging from hosting some friends for a barbecue, to having a house party, to enjoying meals with your family outdoors during those hot summer days. When you’re building a deck, only your budget and the size of your yard will limit your ability to add more useable space in your home. If your home has a large compound and your budget allows for the construction of a large deck, then you can even partition the deck into different functional areas for whatever functions you like. Improve curb appeal Installing a deck can enhance the overall design of your new home, making it look more beautiful. In most cases, decks are built using timber material, perhaps due to its low-cost advantage and ability to stand out as an attractive building material for so many years. The wood used in building the decks can be stained or painted to complement the natural palette of vegetation found in your landscape. Notwithstanding, the options you have when it comes to improving the visual impact of your home by adding a deck are almost infinite, be it using building materials, e.g. prefabricated railings and stylish exterior tiles, or adding extras like flower pots, outdoor furniture, artwork, etc. Quick installation Provided you have professional deck builders, like those at Lifestyle Patios, working for you, a small deck can most likely be built in a couple of days while a larger one may be completed within a few weeks because most of the materials used are usually preassembled. As such, you will save your neighbours the burden of tolerating the disturbing noise coming from the construction site. The installation process will be completed in the shortest time possible so that you can all go back to enjoying the usual serenity of the...

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