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Childproofing Your Home And Garden

When my first child had an accident at home, I realised we hadn't childproofed the house as well as we could have. Thankfully, they were fine, but I learned my lesson and began a thorough inspection of my home and garden. I got to work addressing the various hazards we had overlooked, and I started this blog to help other parents think objectively about the hazards in their own homes. I post about a variety of topics, such as pool safety, choosing a safe garden fence, storing medication and cleaning products, window and door locks and kitchen safety for kids. I hope you find my blog useful and informative.


Childproofing Your Home And Garden

Bathroom Flooring: Types of Tiles

Ana Gonzales

Choosing the right type of flooring for your bathroom during renovations is imperative. There are different tile products available in the market, and the selection criteria should include durability, versatility and the financial implication. The resilience of the chosen flooring will determine the performance when the tiles are exposed to constant moisture and varied temperatures. The aesthetics are also significant: the right material should merge with your traditional or contemporary style in order to enhance your living space. If you are uncertain about the best type of tile for your bathroom, consider these short descriptions of the popular choices.

Ceramic Tiles

The success of ceramic tiles in the architectural industry is mainly attributed to durability. The flooring is generally resistant to cracks and dents so it maintains structural integrity when exposed to high traffic and impact. Glazed ceramic material is completely impermeable to water so it is ideal for bathroom installation. If the tiles are unglazed, sealing is necessary to enhance the water resistance. This low-maintenance flooring is also desirable in terms of style due to the availability of a wide range of designs and colors. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are hard, therefore accidental falls may have injurious effects, and the surface will typically feel cold since it has poor heat absorption. The installation of the products is difficult so you will need professional assistance during the renovation project.

Porcelain Tiles

The intrinsic strength of porcelain tiles makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms. The material displays exceptional tolerance to water which advances the durability after installation and the maintenance requirements are very low. Porcelain flooring has high visual appeal, and you can select your preference with regard to finishes, colors and style. The main drawback of this choice is the slippery nature of glazed tiles; ensure that the specific product chosen has anti-slip qualities. Moreover, installation can be challenging for DIY enthusiasts because of the special requirements for the setting compounds.

Natural Stone

The popularity of natural stone tile flooring has grown over the recent years, and the success is attributed to the unique aesthetics. The material can be integrated into any style, including modern and classic designs. When installed properly, the surface is capable of long-term service without signs of denting or cracking. Most homeowners tend to shy away from this choice because of the generally high initial cost. In addition, periodic maintenance is required to ensure that the visual impact is maintained and to limit mildew invasion.

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