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Childproofing Your Home And Garden

When my first child had an accident at home, I realised we hadn't childproofed the house as well as we could have. Thankfully, they were fine, but I learned my lesson and began a thorough inspection of my home and garden. I got to work addressing the various hazards we had overlooked, and I started this blog to help other parents think objectively about the hazards in their own homes. I post about a variety of topics, such as pool safety, choosing a safe garden fence, storing medication and cleaning products, window and door locks and kitchen safety for kids. I hope you find my blog useful and informative.


Childproofing Your Home And Garden

The most effective ways to cool your patio

Ana Gonzales

Patios are usually set in a position that catches the sun. It is therefore necessary to find ways to cool the space down so you can comfortably use it during the summer. Whatever the design of your patio, there are a number of ways you can help to keep it cool.


Trees are an attractive, natural option for shade over an open patio. You should plant quick-growing trees near to the patio so that the spreading branches will provide shade. If you are putting in an outside patio and want to use natural shade, you have the option to design the patio so that it will accommodate the tree/s.


A pergola provides the illusion of your patio being enclosed, while still allowing you to retain the image of a natural shelter outside. You may opt for leaving the ribs of the pergola bare, which will give slight, intermittent shade only. Or you could allow a creeper to grow over the ribs of the pergola to provide more shade in an attractive way. This provides a natural cover and some cooling shade, while allowing the patio to be part of the garden.

Enclosed patios

The whole purpose of a patio is to give the feeling of sitting outdoors while being comfortable and, often, under cover and protected from the sun and the rain. To achieve this feeling, patios will often be enclosed with glass. This allows wonderfully warm corners in winter, but keep in mind that the room may get very hot in summer. To avoid the sun streaming into the patio directly, there should be an awning over the ceiling glass.

Natural ventilation

If your patio is covered but not enclosed, a breeze will naturally flow through the space. However, if the patio is enclosed, you may want to install panels with louvre windows which you can open in part or completely to allow a breeze to flow through your patio, thereby cooling it. 


If your patio is enclosed, you have the option to use a freestanding fan to create a breeze across the space. It may be a more effective option to install a ceiling fan. This will produce a strong enough breeze to effectively cool the whole patio.

Mist spray

If your patio is in a position where it really does become very hot during summer, it is also an option to install a spray mist system. This will definitely allow you lower the temperature of the patio.

The likelihood of needing to cool your patio is high, as these spaces are usually those that invite the attention of the sun. Depending on how much cooling you desire, you may use one or many of these options. Contact a company like Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd for more ideas for cooling your patio.